Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Foundation Work - Textile

I started to look at more natural elements and started to draw flowers and paint them in gouache.

Moving these drawings into an actual project i decided to look at the hippy era and flower power and look at there textile techniques to use as influences within my own textile work.  Using a mixture of techniques, dying fabrics, layering, paper, stitching, felting, plastic bags and beading.   

Using left over fabric, yarn, paper, plastic, felting wool, and beads i creating a mix media weave, creating a textured and mixed surface.

After really enjoying learning how to felt, i created a patchwork felt piece as my final item for this project, taking colours and patterns, and using an embellisor to add detail with extra felted yarn and thread and to each section together.  I also made my own felted beads and added beads to add detail.

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