Sunday, 19 June 2011

Silk and Wool warp - Seersucker

Taking inspirations from the competition i have just finished, I moved my inspiration on and onto a dobby loom.  Creating a warp designed of silk and wool bands, making the silk sections longer allowing me to experiment with the tension creating seersucker structure, keeping these samples very pale and just using flecks or bands of colour, and using different finishing effects.

Society of Dyers and Colorists Competition

I was one of three entered into a competition from my University year, where i had just under three weeks to create a project. I started of by creating drawings based around my own landscape views and markings i from from stones, using inks and dyes and developed these threw into Photoshop playing about with layers and then transferring these designs onto the Jacquard an experimented with different yarns and techniques, and then decided on an outcome for my design.

Single Cloth - Woven samples

Taking colour reference from my new drawings I developed my new warp, this time creating a single cloth, experimenting with different tensions, and finishing effects.



Aerial and Natural Paintings

As my Jacquard designs made me think of aerial view and natural textures, this made my inspiration change, making me look into natural textures and aerial views, creating painting using gouache and pastels.

Photoshop work

Creating my own brush marks and taking these into Photoshop I was able to create textured digital drawings that related to the layers and marks that I had used within my paintings.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Digital Jacquards

I produced these jacquards from textured sections of my own coral paintings.

Double Cloth

Taking colour reference from my drawings I started to create a colour way, producing a double cloth structure, using wool and silk yarns, dying up all my own colours, experimenting with different finishing effects to achieve different collapse effects.

Coral - Drawings

Taking influences from these photographs produced some acrylic paintings

Coral - Photographs

I started off my final year of my degree by looking into coral and their textures, taking my own photographs.