Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Foundation Work - Final Project

For my Final Project, i deceided to look at corsets, looked into the histrory behind them, and how they held and restricted women.  I then thought of them as a armer to protect people, which then lead to me thinking of what people keep back and hide from face value for instance, friends, family and past experience.   To what people show to everyone else.

Creating a corset out of mod-rock and chicken wire, i created a corset, with a front and to back sections, allowing people to what people show on the outside compared to the inside. 

Using sheer fabrics and velvet, in rich colours, layering these together and also using a mixture of different textile techniques, from stitching, burning and trapping fabric between two layers.

For the inside I used pictures of me and my sister when we were younger and of pictures of me and my firends, with saying sayings about memories, friendship and laughter.  Again i used a mixture of different techniques and materials to create a collection of memories about me.  


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